Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Death in Chains/ Second Hug

Very nice episode... and a wonderful ending! This is subtext at its best. The scene goes like this: Gabrielle is sad and crying because her new friend has to leave with Celesta... and Xena approaches her to give her support. Suddenly, Gabrielle just does what she needs most: she embraces Xena and stays in her arms, sobbing. Xena's face expresses a multitude of feelings: surprise and sympathy for her feelings and the need to protect her and a bit of uncomfortability and awkwardness at the novelty of the situation and at her own inability to deal with strong emotions, and also, we can see, a secret happiness that Gabrielle trusted her and needed her and embraced her. We can see all this, in Xena's eyes, in a few seconds! Bravo, Lucy Lawless! Amazing performance. And congrats too to the writers and director, for such a subtle moment.


"Harley" said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed reading your blogs.

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